Friday, 22 October 2010

Down with the kids....

                                        Oh yeah, check it!

                           If you've got somethin' interestin' to show me bruv,
            I'm cool...........

..........this is Chris, my REAL bruv.

                           Check it OUT!

Down wiv the kids bruv. You were'nt kidding bruv. Goats!
                       Cool man!

          Get out the way mummer, yer in the way mummer, we
                can't see mummer, innit!

                         Get on down..........

                We had NO intention of feeding the animals, did we bruv?  Special diet?  Special?   Worth hanging around for?
  What'd yer reckon bruv?  Mummer?  What'd ya mean they wouldnt give me any?  Animals........goats, chickens, pigs, DOGS?????

Don't worry guys........I've taken that phone number.   Emergencies only, I know!  Yer never know, mummer with an 'off day' feeling specially deprived. Who knows. 
         Emergency food numbers are always very useful.


  1. Hi Hattie

    We sure hope you never have to phone the emergency number!

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  2. Hi Hattie,
    Careful around those goats! My Mummy says they eat ANYTHING! Mummy says you're walking so nicely next to your Mummy!
    Nelly x

  3. G'day Hattie
    We're so excited you've got a blog. So do we!!

    Noah x